Research Summary

We carry out the studies on a protein structure in solution, a reaction mechanism of flavoenzymes and sugar chains of glycoproteins.  The protein structure is closely related to the reaction mechanism and the structure of the sugar chain.
A study on the protein structure under high pressure is newly attempted.  It affords useful information for the structure in solution.  Flavoenzymes with the same coenzyme catalyze a great variety of oxidative and reductive reactions. However, a flavoenzyme shows a specific reaction of them.  We consider that the specific reaction results from the interaction between flavin molecule of the coenzyme and the protein moiety in the active site.  We study the control mechanisms of flavin reactivity.  We also investigate the structures and functions of sugar chains in glycoproteins.  The structure is determined with various analytical methods (NMR, MS, HPLC, etc.).  Our attention is focused on the interaction between the protein moiety and the sugar chain, and the relation of its function to the structure.