Towards even further evolution on our 90th anniversary

Towards even further evolution on our 90th anniversary

Kansai Medical University was established in 1928 (3rd year of Showa era) under the founding spirit of “Cultivating Doctors Motivated by Benevolence, Compassion, and Empathy.” In 2018, it marked its 90th anniversary since its foundation.

This university has continued to expand steadily; KMU Hospital (formerly “KMU Hirakata Hospital”) was established in Hirakata City in 2006, KMU Kori Hospital was established in 2010, the main university functions were shifted to an area adjacent to KMU Hospital in 2013, and in 2016, KMU Takii Hospital was opened as the “KMU Medical Center”, followed by the opening of “Kuzuha Hospital” in 2018. As 2018 was its 90th anniversary, the University held a commemorative ceremony, speeches and a banquet for its anniversary projects: KMU Medical Center’s Grand Opening, establishment of the Faculty of Nursing and Graduate School of Nursing, and construction of the Makino Auditorium (martial arts arena).

Moving forward, we will establish a Faculty of Rehabilitation on the Makino campus in April 2021. Additionally, we are in the process of constructing a tower with lodging facilities for families of the hospitalized patient, and a Center for International Exchange adjacent to the Faculty of Nursing building.
Also, we plan to build the KMU Photoimmunology Research Center in April 2022, and achieve a new treatment methodology for cancer,using it as a research base for photoimmunotherapy.

Tower Building (image)

Faculty of Rehabilitation Building (image)

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