Anatomy and Cell Science

Research Summary

Our department is the oldest and core department of bioscience-research and medical education at the Kansai Medical University and has produced many graduates, seven of whom have become professors at other universities in appreciation of their achievement. Our faculty members have developed and improved the experimental procedures/techniques in the field of functional anatomy, molecular histology, and histocytochemistry. Our recent research themes are mentioned below. We aim that the study-results expand to elucidate the mechanism and find a new therapy of neurologic intractable diseases, while our study field belongs to basic and pure science.
  1. Cell-proliferation, differentiation and renewal in the central & peripheral nervous system.
  2. The significance of bioactive substances on correlation of glia-endothelium-meninges.
  3. The cross-talk of neuro-immune-endocrine function and histological structure.
  4. Cell-scientific analysis on the cell-organelles and transcriptional/translational control.