Molecular and Cell Biology

Research Summary

From basic research to clinical medicines, our main study is on a preventive medicine that is primary concern. The study is being performed in order to correspond to the areas of research of widespread public health science by a different studying field various territory concurrently.
It's being studied for the purpose of trying differentiation into neuronal and endocrine cells and considering the applicability to the intractable disease treatment using the ES cell and iPS cells which becomes a topic at present to plan for the applicability to the regenerative medicine by a molecular level. In particular, it's to make them differentiate high efficiently and we are planning for reduction in possibility of the tumorogenesis of a stem cell with pluripotent, multipotent after transplantation in regenerative medicine.
Furthermore we focus on tissue stem cells which exist few cells in adult body to transplant for patients, we characterized tissue stem cells in pituitary gland and the auditory neural pathway by molecular methods. We also study the way to repress tumorogenesis after cell transplantation by considering the common characteristic with the tissue stem cells and the cancer stem cells at the same time. Now we tried to develop the 3D structure formation of pituitary gland from mouse ES cells and iPS cells to transfect the important transcription factors and some overexpression genes that observed in the results of microarray.