Molecular and Functional Biology

Research Summary

Medical chemistry is the science concerned with the chemical constituents of living cells and the reactions and processes that they undergo at the molecular level. The educational goal of the Department of Medical Chemistry is the understanding of the maintenance of health, and the etiology and effective treatment of diseases related to metabolism of lipids, sugars, proteins, and nucleic acids.
At the present time of explosive progress of the gene engineering and the completion of human genome project, biological functions and diseases can be elucidated at the molecular level. The Department of Medical Chemistry is a heterogeneous group of staffs from biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, electrophysiology, analytical chemistry, and behavioral science. The department conducts research in neuroscience and educates second-year medical students in medical chemistry. We pursue the mechanism of neural plasticity related to pain and challenge themes connected to medicine by using a wide range of approaches from examining levels of substances such as chemical mediators, genes, and proteins to in vivo behaviors.