Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Research Summary

*Educational Target:
It is aimed that researchers, who could understand the basic medical knowledge and establish the own research plans followed ideal clinical medicine of plastic and reconstructive surgery, are educated in the Department.
*Research Items:
1. Bone/ Cartilage regeneration: Studies with bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) are performed to apply induced bone and cartilage in reconstruction. The objectives are facial bone, extremity bone, auricular cartilage and nasal cartilage. Moreover, BMP combined with artificial bone or various carriers and the relationship to osteoporosis or aging have been studied.  
2. Skin regeneration: Wound healings and reconstruction with basic FGF, platelet-rich plasma (PRP), or adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) are studied and how to preserve and to prepare them is set as many research to aim clinical usage.

1) Wound healing research at the skin and soft tissue are promoted using cytokines derived from PRP after activation. It would develop cell activation and tissue regeneration in various situations. The clinical usage has been investigated.
2) High hydrostatic pressurization method against various tissues, especially giant nevi, to regenerate the tissue with cultured epidermis is studied to complete “the skin re-cycle therapeutic method”. The clinical study has been already started.

3. Soft tissue regeneration: Granulation, fat grafting, and fat injection are studied to aim wound healing and reconstruction with bFGF, PRP, and ASCs. In them, basic and pre-clinical studies, especially with ASCs, have been promoted, breast reconstruction for breast cancer resection and facial deformities. The clinical research has already started step by step.