Public Health and International Health

Research Summary

The research subject on which our project is working at the wide region from basic to clinical medicine, but the primary concern of study is mainly focus on a preventive medicine. In detail, a research field is conducting surveys on epidemiology and preventive medicine of tropical infectious diseases in a developing country such as Laos PDR and Solomon islands. In these countries, we are carrying out the health check to the local residents and intervene in the prevention of several viral infectious diseases such as Dengue fever and Chikungunya etc.  
For the clinical study, we take care of outpatients who need the health check, vaccinations to go abroad and the clinical treatment for imported infectious diseases in Takii Hospital of our university. 
In the field of health promotion, in order to increase the quality of life (QOL) of elders, we focus on the study for the nursing prevention and the reduction in nursing labor concerning about the health promotion of both rehabilitation and functional treatments which maintain a body function.