Urology and Andrology

Research Summary

We are conducting research on the following themes.
1. Clinical fundamental research on development of the urinary and reproductive organs’ laparoscopic surgeries and technical evaluation: We established various methods in the urinary and reproductive organs’ laparoscopic surgeries since 1990 and evaluated the usefulness of these surgeries. Furthermore, we are promoting basic research in cooperation with the faculty of engineering, to clarify and objectively evaluate the technical aspects of the operators in laparoscopic surgery and robotic-assisted surgery.
2. A basic and clinical research on andrology: We carry out the basic study on testis-specific gene expression and identifying the sperm stem cell, furthermore, the clinical study about the male menopausal disorders and mechanism of the obstruction of seminal tract obstruction, a clinical study about the sexual function after the laparoscopic and/or robotic assisted prostatectomy.
3. Clinical research on diagnosis methods and treatment of the prostate cancer: We perform the research on the development of an ideal prostatic biopsy method, clinic-pathological study about castration-resistant prostate cancer, the recovery of urination disorder after the prostatectomy.
4. A clinical research on partial nephrectomy for kidney cancer: Development of ideal surgical techniques of partial nephrectomy and clinical study about residual renal function after operation.
5. A clinical research on the prognostic biomarker of the bladder cancer: Association between the prognosis and the leukocyte fraction, and hypotensive medicine in many total cystectomy patients.