Administrative Vision

Administrative Vision

We envision shared mid-range and long term goals that will bring gradual progress. Our common purpose is represented by the phrases “ACTION 2015,” KMU’s five year action plan; and “JUMP 2020,” a ten year vision that will launch KMU toward new achievements.

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“JUMP 2020,” a ten year vision designed to launch KMU toward new achievements

KMU aims to create a center that embraces an international viewpoint in medical and nursing education as well as in research, and offers high quality medical care that is centered in northeastern Osaka and extends throughout the Kinki region.

1. Renew the medical and nursing education systems and foster superior medical personnel
2. Disseminate education and research results internationally
3. Sponsor safe medical treatments that ensure patients’ welfare and best outcome
4. Maintain a workplace where one can realize growth of the self and joy in one’s work
5. Renovate administrative management and stabilize fiduciary support

“ACTION 2015” The KMU Action Plan

Education and Research

○Unify medical education, research and clinical practice in a relocated central facility
○Improve medical education by conducting 6 years of training at a single site; 
 and enhance post graduate training programs
○Enhance the graduate school and promote research
○Enhance nursing education
○Develop teaching staff and physicians
 (train highly skilled medical staff and enhance the role of women doctors)

Medical Care

○Establish an integrated medical care system through three hospitals; Hirakata, Takii and Kori,
 and Temmabashi General Clinic
○Develop medical care and strengthen the inter-hospital and hospital-clinic network in
 and around northeastern Osaka (the region north of Kawachi)
○Improve profit and division of function among KMU affiliated hospitals
○Improve quality of medical care, medical safety and patient satisfaction

Facilities Overhaul and Maintenance

○Centralize KMU administration, general education,
 and research facilities with Hirakata campus (March 2013)
○Nursing school moves to Makino Campus
○Formulate renovation plan of KMU Takii Hospital

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