Medium-term Plan Vision

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Medium-term Plan Vision

In its “Kansai Medical University Medium-term Plan”, the university has established goals in the seven categories of education & research,medical practice, facilities & equipment, management & operations, financial affairs, personnel, and contribution to society. This university will continue to act prudently and boldly in order to realize and achieve these aims.

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Education and Research

Faculty of Medicine

Working to improve KMU’s performance in the National Medical Practitioners Qualifying Examination
(NMPQE) by recruiting first-class medical students and providing a thorough medical education

Graduate School of Medicine

 Strengthening graduate student recruitment and further enhancing the quality of graduate school education


 Promoting basic and clinical research

Continuing education

 Strengthening physician recruitment and retention, and expanding the provision of medical continuing education

Faculty of Nursing

 Recruiting first-class nursing students and providing a thorough nursing education

Medical Care

All KMU hospital facilities

Realizing efficient management and providing high-quality care that emphasizes patients’ safety and peace of mind

KMU Hospital

Providing advanced medical treatment using cutting-edge medical equipment

KMU Medical Center

 Making a valuable contribution to medical care provision in the local community through the provision of emergency medical treatment and disaster response medical services

KMU Kori Hospital

 Making a valuable contribution to medical care provision in the local community as a community-focused hospital

KMU Temmabashi General Clinic

Integrating preventive medicine with general medicine and advanced medical treatment

KMU Visiting Nurse Station Kori

Contributing to home care provision and to medical education 

Infrastructure and Facilities


 Centralizing key functions in the Hirakata campus, while formulating strategies for the effective utilization of the Makino campus

KMU Hospital

 Striving to implement advanced, cutting-edge medical treatment

KMU Medical Center

 Aiming to strengthen the Center’s functions following its grand opening

KMU Kori Hospital

 Positioning itself as a central hospital for Neyagawa City

Kansai Medical University Educational Corporation

 Aiming to strengthen its functions as KMU looks ahead towards its 100th anniversary

Management and Administration

  • Strengthening the governance framework
  • Sharing and dissemination of information
  • Strengthening the compliance framework
  • Operational adjustment
  • Improving the risk management systems
  • Strengthening the brand of both Kansai Medical University and its affiliated hospitals

Financial Management

  • Maintaining and improving earnings performance
  • Establishing solid financial underpinnings 

Human Resources Management

  • Building an attractive workplace environment
  • Strengthening talent cultivation
  • Strengthening the recruitment and retention of talented staff
  • Achieving the right balance between the number of teaching staff and administrative staff

Social Contribution Activities

  • Enhancing the level of trust that society places in KMU
  • Contributing to medical care provision in the local community
  • Infusing Medical Knowledge Back into Society
  • Contributing to disaster response in the local community
  • Promoting international exchange

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