KMU Kori Hospital

KMU Kori Hospital

Kori Hospital Is Trusted by the Local Community

Hospital Overview

KMU Kori Hospital is a 200-bed (as of July 1, 2010) facility that opened on June 1,
2010 as a local core hospital that serves as a civic hospital for Neyagawa City.
Facilities include a 30-bed dialysis center for maintenance dialysis and a 10-bed
outpatient chemotherapy room in the Breast Surgery Department. It also serves as
a community-based hospital that is open during the evening hours because of its
convenient access being connected to Keihan Railway’s Korien Station directly by a
pedestrian overpass.
Although it is the smallest of our three hospitals, KMU Kori Hospital coordinates
closely with other KMU affiliate hospitals located along the Keihan Railway’s line
to provide expert specialty medical information and technologies to the wider
community. As a university hospital, Kori also plays a vital role in educating and
training the next generation of medical professionals.
Several unique aspects of KMU Kori Hospital include the seventh floor set aside as
a women's floor to help women realize a more comfortable hospital stay, while
the hospital has implemented all-electric facilities to reduce CO2 emissions and
introduced various environmentally friendly functions throughout the hospital.

Ideals for Patient Care

Founded on the values of“Benevolence, Compassion and Empathy”
[Jijinshinkyo],Kori Hospital keeps pace with the local community

Hospital Mission Statement

1. Maximize cooperation with Kansai Medical University and offer the highest quality medical treatment possible
2. Promote a warm, responsive, patient-centered hospital
3. Establish strong, regional roots and encourage positive interactions with the community
4. Foster medical personnel who can offer comprehensive medical treatment
5. Create a workplace where all employees can work together easily and effectively
6. Strive to create an environmentally friendly facility

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