KMU Medical Center

KMU Medical Center

Providing Healthcare throughout the Kita-Kawachi Area

Hospital Overview

KMU Medical Center is a major hospital in the Kita-Kawachi area and provides patientcentered
medical care. Medical Center works with KMU to develop and practice stateof-the-art
medical treatment and fosters competent, caring physicians through a daily
clinical regimen.
Based on this, KMU Medical Center focuses on patient-oriented care guided by
compassion. The hospital’s mission is to deliver advanced treatment and to train
healthcare providers who believe that true healing is not possible unless it is guided
by a spirit of compassion. Medical Center offers a patient-centered environment where
patients’ needs are fully met by physicians providing state-of-the-art medical care.
With a new main building slated for completion in 2016, KMU Medical Center will
continue to steadily contribute to the improvement of local health care and welfare.

Ideals for Patient Care

Be a patient-centered hospital based on Jijinshinkyo, or “Benevolence, Compassion and Empathy”

Hospital Mission Statement

1. Dedication to excellence in clinical practice, nursing, and supportive services
2. Offer safe, anxiety-free medical care based on sound ethics
3. Provide team-based medical care based on a self-identity and sense of responsibility as medical
4. Strive for transparency in medical care by disclosing hospital information
5. Contribute to local communities and cooperate with other regional medical institutions
6. Train well-balanced medical practitioners
7. Practice advanced medicine by pursuing exceptional research

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