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Historical Timeline

 1928  June 30  Osaka Women's Medical College established
 July 10  Opening ceremony held
 1932  April 9  College Hospital established
 1933  October 4  Approval for establishment of Attached Nursing School
 1947  June 18  Approval for establishment of Osaka Women's Medical School,
Premedical Course opened
 July 25  Renamed Osaka Women's Medical School
 August 1  Osaka Women's Medical School Kori Hospital established
 1949  March 25  Approval for establishment of Osaka Women's Medical School,
Division of Medical Education
 1950  August 30  Osaka Women's Medical School Makino Hospital established
 1951  February 28  Recognized as an incorporated educational institution
 March 31  Osaka Women's Medical School Premedical Course discontinued
 1952  February 20  Approval for establishment of Osaka Women's Medical School
(Based on the new system of education)
 March 31  Osaka Women's Medical College closed
 1954  December 1  Renamed Kansai Medical University (Co-educational)
 1960  January 6  Administrative Office moved from Hirakata City to Moriguchi City
 January 20  Approval for establishment of General Education
 1961  March 31  Approval for establishment of Graduate School of Medicine
 September 1  Approval for establishment of Nursing School
 1969  June 30  KMU Makino Hospital closed
 1975  October 11  KMU Otokoyama Hospital started medical care
 1979  March 1  KMU Hospital Tertiary Emergency and Critical Care Center
 1980  April 1  First College of Nursing established
 1982  May 1  KMU Rakusai Newtown Hospital started medical care
 1984  April 1  A two-year course open in addition to the Medical Care Program
(three-year course) at the First College of Nursing.
The College is renamed College of Nursing.
 1986  April 8  Institute for Liver Research established
 1992  April 26  KMU Hospital Cardiovascular Center established
 1998  July 7  University Information Center established
 1999  November 9  Historical Archives established
 2002  September 3  Post Graduate Clinical Study Training Center established
 2005  December 31  KMU Kori Hospital closed
 2006  January 1  KMU Hirakata Hospital opened
 KMU Hospital renamed KMU Takii Hospital
 March 31  KMU Rakusai Newtown Hospital management transferred
 August 1  Restructure of KMU; the Institute for Liver Research renamed
the Institute of Biomedical Science
 October 1  The Medical Safety Management Center established
 2007  April 17  Office of Research Management and Intellectual Property established
 October 1  Internal Audit and Compliance Office established
 2008  February 1  KMU Hirakata Hospital Tertiary Emergency and Critical Care Center
 2009  March 31  KMU Otokoyama Hospital business transferred
 April 1  Admission Center established
 2010  July 1  KMU Kori Hospital opened
 2011  May 28  Groundbreaking ceremony of Hirakata new school building was held
 Jul 12  International Exchange Center established 
 Sep 1  Medical education center established 
 2012  Apr 1  Temmabashi General Clinic established
 Regional Medical Center established 
 Procurement Center established 
 2013  April 1  New Hirakata Campus opened
 2016  April 1  Hirakata Hospital renamed KMU University Hospital
 May 1  Takii Hospital renamed KMU Medical Center
 May 6  Beginning of treatment at the new main building of the KMU Medical Center
 July 1  Ethical Review Center established
 2017  May 1  KMU Medical Care Planning Center at Kori established
 2018  January 1  KMU kuzuha Hospital opened
 Apr 1  Faculty of Nursing and Nursing Graduate School opened
 KMU Day Care Center Kori established
 May 22  KMU Medical Center Hospital Garden opened(KMU Medical Center Grand Open)
 2019  March 1  KMU Day Care Center at Takii established
 June 5  KMU Recurrent Course for nurses established
 Jun 12  Approval for the community medical care coordination promoter network in Kita-kawachi
 2020  January 1  KMU Visiting Nurse Station at Hirakata established
 KMU Care Planning Center at Hirakata established
 KMU Day Care Center at Hirakata established
 April 1  Career Center for Female Doctors established KMU Biobank Center established

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